Don’t Piss in My Pocket and Tell Me It’s Raining

Big Government: Boogieman

Samuel Claiborne • January 27th, 2011
Samuel Claiborne

Big government is the new boogieman. Or should I say the old one. Ronald Reagan famously said that government is the problem, and this simplistic statement has found resonance with generations of conservatives, from the greedy elites, who adore the fallacies of trickle-down economics, to the angry populists of the tea party movement. When it comes to the tea […]

Am I a Commie, or a Capitalist?

Samuel Claiborne • September 23rd, 2010
Samuel Claiborne

My car is festooned with bumper stickers. Some favorites include “Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers,” “Alternative Energy is Homeland Security” and “These Colors Don’t Run … the World.” This last one in particular seems to provoke the ire of right-wingers. Recently I picked up a new deer rifle at a local sporting goods store. […]